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"If you don`t know where you`re going, every road will take you there..." 

... many, but not all roads lead to the Elemental Ericeira Guesthouse, therefore you should pick one of the following options: 

The nearest international airport is Lisbon.


Once arrived, there are 4 ways to get to the Elemental Ericeira Guesthouse:

Rental car

Rent a car directly at the airport. Better book in advance and be ready to queue up a little while...
Feed the GPS with our address (at the end of this page) and about 40 min later you will reach the Elemental Ericeira Guesthouse.
To get around Ericeira a rental car is not necessary, but makes your life way more comfortable exploring different beaches and nearby cities.


By Taxi

Fast, comfortably, relatively expensive.

It takes about 50 min and will cost you approx. 60 EUR (negotiate a fix price!)

Just hop on any taxi and tell the driver you would like to go to Praia do Sul, Ericeira. 

You will find our exact address at the end of this page and also a geo location on Contact.



By Bus

Cheapest way (unless you decide to walk the 40km),

all in all approx. 1,5h – 2,5h  and around 15,00 EUR.

Once at the airport it is easiest to take a taxi to the bus station CAMPO GRANDE. This takes you approx. 8 min

and will cost around 8,00 EUR. Ask the driver to drop you at the MAFRENSE stop.

Mafrense is the name of the bus company going to Ericeira.

The Mafrense stop is right in front of the entrance to the metro station, on the middle platform. The buses are white and green.

You can buy your ticket inside the bus, this will cost you approx. 6,50 EUR p.P.


you can find more information on the bus schedules etc. here:​


Or contact us, we gladly help you working out the schedules!


Pick up service

The easiest, fastest and not even the most expensive way: 45 min airport to swimming pool!


If you let us know in advance we can arrange for a pick up. Somebody will await you in the airport with our sign “Elemental Ericeira” and bring you and your family or friends safe, comfortable and fast directly here to the Guesthouse.

The minimum price for one or 2 persons is 55,00 EUR, every additional person will cost 10,00 EUR extra. In case you want to bring your surf equipment, please let us know in advance so we can bring a big enough car! 

Getting Here

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