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Ericeira's coast is lined with beautiful family friendly surf beaches

Praia do Sul

Praia do Sul is our "house beach”. A short 5 min walk downhill will take you there. During the summer months Praia do Sul is a very family friendly beach with calm water. There is also a natural pool providing additional shelter from all waves, where children can play around. You will find several Bars and Restaurants at Praia do Sul and the city center is only 5 min away. A perfect beach for families to spend their days baking in the sun and dipping into the refreshing Atlantic!


This beach is supervised by lifeguards during the summer months. From September to May Praia do Sul also offers several good waves! 

Foz do Lizandro

After 15 min walking south along the coast, you will get to the super beautiful Foz do Lizandro beach. A small river makes his way through a stunning valley, creating a lagoon before flowing into the ocean. Foz do Lizandro is a wide and spacious beach, with a long, wooden pier, where you’ll have the choice between different bars, serving all kinds of drinks, snacks and even fresh sushi!
All in all, Foz do Lizandro is perfectly suited for a long day of surf, sun and sand for the entire family!


This beach is also supervised by lifeguards during the summer months.

Sao Juliao

The next and most southern beach of the Ericeira area is Sao Juliao. A short 10 min drive over hills and valleys will get you there. Or you can take a little hike across the rocks from Foz do Lizandro that takes about another 15 min.

Anyways, you will be rewarded with one of Ericeira’s most beautiful and remote beaches. This family friendly beach invites you to catch a few nice waves, take a long walk along the shore or simply melt away in the sun. The two beach bars will take care of all your refreshment needs.


This beach is also supervised by lifeguards during the summer months. 

Praia dos Pescadores

This beach is Ericeira´s city beach. Sheltered from the big harbour wall Praia dos Pescadores is always suitable for families and kids to spend most of their day in the refreshing water! And when the sun gets too hot you can walz through the city center and choose one the numerous bars and restaurants to have a great lunch or a refreshing ice cream.

As most of the other beaches, Praia dos Pescadores is supervised by lifeguards during the summer months.


During low tide, you can walk and hike from here all the way north, passing the beaches of Sao Sebastiao, Matadouro and Empa, almost until the probably most famous beach of Ericeira: Ribeira d’Ilhas.

Ribeira d'Ilhas

The Ribeira d’lhas beach - or just Ribeira - is embedded in a small valley and surrounded by green hills and cliffs. Its amazing surf spots, the stunning landscape and wooden stairs strongly remind one of the famous Bells Beach (AUS). A wooden complex gives home to the beach bar and different surf schools, including our partner school Pocean. 

Ribeira is surely one of the most iconic beaches of the area and always a great choice for a good day of surf for all levels of surfers.

This beach is also supervised by lifeguards during the summer.

Take a walk north on the cliffs and enjoy a first-row seat watching surfers dropping in some very special waves like Ribeira, Cave, Cxs, etc. ! 

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